Entry Application

Please ensure that you thoroughly read and acknowledge the following covenant clauses and refund policy upon your entry.

We consider that you completely acknowledge and fully accept the contents of our covenant clauses and refund policy when making an entry to this event.


dot_blueQualified participants

  • Anyone aged 13 or above with good health conditions in order to complete the race without medical assistance under normal circumstances.
  • Under-aged participants must obtain their parents’/legal guardians’ approvals.
  • All participants must acknowledge and agree to the covenant clauses specified in the annex.

* If participant is 18 years old or younger, he/she must be accompanied by adults such as parents/legal guardians and team managers during the event.


dot_blueCovenant Clauses

  • I promise that I will participate in this event with a well-maintained bicycle and make best effort to prevent accidents caused by poor maintenance of my bicycle.
  • I understand that the nature of this sport has potentials for accidents and injuries and acknowledge that organizers and/or coordinators of this event shall not be held responsible for accidents during the race.
  • I will diligently train myself on group rides and establish safety skills and techniques to prepare for this race.
  • I shall make best effort to maintain good health conditions for the event and will not demand organizers, coordinators and/or other participants of this event for accountabilities for injuries and/or illnesses in case of accidents.
  • I will hold full responsibilities for my personal belongings during the race and will not ask organizers and/or staff of this event for compensation in case my belongings get lost/stolen/damaged.
  • I swear that my application form contains no false information to the best of my knowledge.
    (Note: Insurance coverages will be ineffective if you enter any false information on your application form; please only use accurate and legitimate information.)
  • I will abide by this race’s rules and regulations.
  • I acknowledge that the event organizers possess portrait rights and publication rights on TV programs, newspapers, magazines and/or internet sites in regards to photos, movies, articles and/or names, ages, residencies (names of countries, prefectures and/or cities, wards, towns and villages) of all participants.
  • I agree to the refund policy determined and specified by the race regulations.
  • When entries are made by under-aged participants, their parents/legal guardians are required to acknowledge/agree to all of the conditions above on their behalf.


dot_blueWeather conditions and refund policy

In principle, this race will take place even in case of rain.
However, if the event organizers deem that safety measures cannot be effectively ensured due to dangerous weather conditions such as typhoons and severe rains/winds, it is possible that the race may be cancelled/delayed.

Please pay close attention to the website for updates.


dot_blueDetermination of cancellation

When dangerous weather conditions are evident on forecast (e.g., typhoons, etc.) Determined on the day prior to the event
When inclement weather conditions develop on the day of the event and affect smooth preparations Determined on the day of the event at the event site

The race will be cancelled if the turnpike is closed for safety or any other reasons.



  • Once your payment is made after your entry has been finalized, you are not eligible for refunds under any circumstances. Please make sure that you are fully aware of this condition when completing your payment.
  • In case the organizers determine to call off the race due to inclement weather conditions, natural disasters, changes in social conditions, crimes, or accidents/incidents around the event area(*1), you will not be given any refunds of your participation fees and/or administrative fees.

*1 = Cases which we determine would hinder smooth execution of the race, prior to, after and/or during the race both inside and outside of the race venues.



dot_blueTurnover of your participation right (Turnover Cutoff Date: 30 April 2016)

If you later found out that you cannot participate in the race after you completed your entry, you are still allowed to turn over your participation right to your friends/acquaintances/etc.

If you wish to give up your right to another person, please send us an e-mail with his/her information required for entry to: hakone@walkride.jp

Turnover Charge: 1,080 yen (tax included)
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