Event Rules


We only accept entries via an Entry Service Website specified by the event organizers. We do not accept entries via e-mails, postal mails or telephone. By completing entry processes online, you officially agree to all conditions in our covenant clauses and refund policy. Please ensure you read thoroughly and fully understand the clauses and policy before processing your entry.


dot_blueRace Registrations

On the day prior to the race, we distribute entry number censor chips to all participants.
Designated agents may do registrations on your behalf. We do not accept registrations on the day of the race under any circumstances.


dot_blueLast Minute Cancellation

Make sure to contact us when cancelling your participation after you complete your entry. If you decide to cancel after registration on the day before the race, return your censor chip to our staff at the censor chip return booth in front of Odawara Bicycle Racetrack (7am-9am) on the day of the race.
You will be charged extra fee if you lost your censor chip.
All censor chips must be returned to the race organizers regardless of your final status in the race.


dot_blueSpec Requirements/Regulations

Class Requirements/Regulations
1. All classes
  • Must use freewheel bicycles equipped with brakes on both front and rear wheels
  • Any additional parts/objects which are protruding and/or may potentially drop during the race must be removed prior to the event (e.g., bicycle stands, saddle bags, lights, bells, lucky charms attached underneath saddles)
  • Disk brakes are approved to be used
  • Auxiliary handles such as DH bars are prohibited (Bar end bars are also prohibited)
  • Bull horn handles are prohibited
  • Baton-wheels and disk wheels are prohibited. Wheel size must be indicated by bicycle maker to be 26 inches or larger in diameter
  • No modifications in order for your bicycle to be qualified for different classes are permitted
    (e.g., putting a drop handle to a city cycle, removing a basket and/or mud guards to mimic a sports bike with flat bars, etc.)
2. Road Racers Class
  • Must be a road racer bicycle with drop handles
3. Flat Bar Class
  • Must be a sports bike equipped with flat bar handles
  • Handle bar width must be 46cm or longer
  • Bull horn handles and extension bars (bar end bars) are prohibited
  • City cycles are prohibited
4. Single Free Class
  • Must use a sports bike equipped with drop handles or flat bars and single-free gears
  • Fixed gears are prohibited
  • City cycles do not fall under this category and are not allowed to be used in this class
5. Fat Bike Class
  • Fat bikes equipped with drop handles or flat bars
  • Tire thickness must be 4.0 or more


dot_blueEntry Classes

Men’s Entry Classes Qualifications
Champions Class Inter-class Championship Competition
High School Champions Class Competition among high school students
Birthday: April 1997 – March 2000
Junior High School Champions Class Competition among junior high school students
Birthday: April 2000 – March 2003
Men’s Age 19-29 Class Birthday: April 1986 – March 1997
Men’s Age 30-39 Class Birthday: April 1976 – March 1986
Men’s Age 40-49 Class Birthday: April 1966 – March 1976
Men’s Age 50-59 Class Birthday: April 1956 – March 1966
Men’s Age 60-69 Class Birthday: April 1946 – March 1956
Heavy Class Heavy Class Competition
Rider’s Body Weight: 80kg or above
Men’s Flat Bar Class Sports Bike Class (i.e., Cross Bike, MTB, etc)
Men’s Single Free Class Single Free Bike Competition
Men’s Fat Bike Class Fat Bike Competition
Women’s Class Qualifications
Women’s Champions Class Women’s Inter-class Championship Competition
Fun Rider Class All-age Fun Rider Competition
Women’s Flat Bar Class Sports Bike Class (i.e., Cross Bike, MTB, etc.)
Women’s Single Free Class Women’s Single Free Bike Competition
Women’s Fat Bike Class Women’s Fat Bike Competition



Race participants must wear appropriate helmets for sports cycles (Time Trial helmets and full-face helmets disapproved). Ensure to wear helmet straps tightly.
Race participants must wear gloves and socks.
Riders are highly recommended to wear cycle wears (racer jerseys) during the race.
If not wearing cycle wears (racer jerseys), do not wear anything which may twine around your body and/or bicycle. Only wear pants with tight bottoms for your safety.
Pay close attention to your outfits as we do not allow anyone to participate in the race with inappropriate outfits which may hinder your safety during the race and while walking in the course in case of emergency.
Make sure your jersey number is always visible and not covered by windbreakers or any other clothing at any time during the race.
Every racer has a sole responsibility to ensure that his/her racer number is visible.
If event staff cannot clearly determine your jersey number at the finish line because of your fault to ensure above conditions are met, it will be your responsibility.



Starting positions will be determined on a first-come-first-served basis.
This race is a massed-start race (gross-time).


dot_blueFood/Drink supplies

Under any circumstances, food/drink supplies should never be provided from outside of the course during the race at all classes (If we set up official water supply points, participants will be notified of their locations).
Never litter any items to include but not limited to drink bottles and waste.


dot_blueFinishing Orders

As mentioned above in the chapter under “Outfits”, every racer has a sole responsibility to ensure that his/her racer number is visible.
The race organizers will also use results acquired from censor chips when determining finishing orders.
If racers fail to properly wear censor chips during the race, they may not be qualified to be official finishers.



Prize winners are top 6 finishers for the Champions Classes and top 3 for other classes except for the Flat Bar Class, Single Free Class and Fat Bike Class (1st winners only).
Prizes will be presented to respective winners only at victory ceremonies and not be mailed to winners if they miss the ceremonies.
For the Heavy Class, winners will be requested to check their weights at the victory ceremony and be disqualified if their weights are not 80kg or more.


dot_blueOther notes

Pre-race contacts

We will send documents to participants only via e-mail (no postal mail);
please ensure that your e-mail account setup is configured to accept e-mails with the “@walkride.jp” domain.

Use of areas around the event venue

Pay maximum amount of attention to traffic conditions and rules around the event venue for your safety when moving and/or doing warmup exercises.
Make sure you do not block/hinder vehicle/pedestrian traffic when walking/riding in vehicle lanes in tandem.

Transportation of luggage to hill top

Its volume should be about a one-backpack-size (1 bag per person, up to approximately 20 liters).
We do not accept wheels which will be used on the way back from hill top.
Ensure you do not include your jersey numbers and/or censor chips in your luggage.
Once turned in, luggage will not be returned to its owners until they reach the hill top. Make sure you capture all items you may need during the race.
Keep all valuable items with you.
Luggage unnecessary for the race (e.g., suitcases, etc.) should be left in your hotels or baggage lockers.

Entrance to the starting facility

You will not be allowed to enter the starting facility until your time comes.
Make sure to check your entrance time and to arrive there with enough time to prepare for your race.

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